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  • Question – Can I participate in the BlueThankyou.com Survey without making a purchase?

Answer – Explanation of opportunities that don’t require a purchase and where to find these opportunities on BlueThankyou.com/FAQ.

  • Question – How often can I complete the BlueThankyou.com Survey?

Answer – Information on participation limits (usually once per customer or household per month) as detailed on BlueThankyou.com/FAQ.

  • Question – Where can I find the entry code for the BlueThankyou.com Survey?

Answer Guidance on locating survey invites and entry codes in recent emails or official communications, referenced on BlueThankyou.com/FAQ.

Take Blue Buffalo Survey

Additional Survey Information

  • Encouragement to navigate the FAQs at BlueThankyou.com/FAQ
  • Highlighting the comprehensive list of additional questions and answers related to the BlueThankyou.com Survey and Blue Buffalo Survey
  • Mention of regular updates for the most current survey rules and guidelines


  • Emphasis on the impact of participating in the BlueThankyou.com Survey and Blue Buffalo Survey
  • Invitation to visit BlueThankyou.com, check out the FAQ, and participate in the survey
  • Encouragement to use feedback to shape the future of products and services

Take Blue Buffalo Survey

Final Thoughts

  • Summary of the benefits of participating in the survey
  • Reminder of the power of customer feedback
  • Closing wishes for happy surveying

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